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alaska volcano Volcano Facts
Alaska and Hawaii have a lot of volcanic activity, but the entire western coast of North America has dozens of active volcanoes, all capable of erupting in the near future. A volcano eruption is not much of a danger for the vast majority of the population, but its good to know the facts and have useful information before you visit a risk area.
A few bits of volcano info to ponder:

hawaii volcano Volcano Danger
The further from the volcano you are, the more time you have to respond and the fewer dangers exist. Immediately around the volcano, dangers include earthquake damage, flying rocks, heat blast, lava, floods, and mudslides. Rocks can be thrown 20 miles from a volcanic eruption but the ash can travel hundreds of miles.
Ash facts include:

volcano info Before a Volcano
There is usually plenty of warning that a volcano is preparing to erupt. Scientists monitor the Cascade range volcanoes as well as those in Hawaii and Alaska for information to help predict volcanic events. Many communities close to volcanoes now have volcano warning systems to alert citizens. But, if you live anywhere in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Utah, and possibly Wyoming and Nevada you may be affected by an eruption in the Cascade range. Taking a few precautions now won't cost much and are a good idea to do anyway:

volcano facts During an Eruption
Much like a tsunami, a volcano is usually a sudden, explosive disaster requiring immediate evacuation to a safer location. The rock debris, pyroclastic flows, and floods will make the area around the volcano dangerous to anyone that stays. The lower valleys will be most dangerous.

If you are unable to evacuate,

volcano eruption After an Eruption
There is still danger after an eruption even if there is no flowing lava. The fact is, it may take years for the environment to recover from the changes caused by the volcano. And, ongoing tremors and further eruptions may make the area uninhabitable for a long time. In the short-term, recovery and clean-up includes:

volcano disaster preparation
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