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volunteer work Needs of Survivors
Survivors of disasters tend to progress through different phases as time passes. At each stage, support from others can make the recovery process less painful and more healing.

  1. Impact - the disaster occurs. People rise to heroic levels to save themselves, their families, and strangers in need. Immediate neighbors, families, and responding emergency teams work closely to solve obvious problems and provide support. This lasts a few days.
  2. Relief - we survived. For a few months after a disaster, those that survive feel a camaraderie with others having fought through the challenge and persevered. Initial government aid arrives and the clean-up begins. Community aid groups and volunteer organizations provide support and survivors feel that things will be ok thanks to the relief efforts.
  3. Disappointment - on our own. A couple months up to two years after the disaster, survivors lose their sense of comaraderie as indivuals concentrate on repairing their personal damages to life and property. Some expected aid most likely does not materialize and relief organizations have completed their initial tasks and are off to a new emergency. Local relief groups may be exhausted and out of funds. Anger and bitter resentment may surface as disillusionment with 'the system' sets in.
  4. Grit - its up to me. Depending on the size of the disaster, this may last a few years where individuals realize they need to take ownership of rebuilding and perform the required reconstruction. Progress takes shape and buildings are repaired or rebuilt and the community becomes stable once again.
volunteer aid Depending on the background of the people effected, they may expect aid and support or completely reject it and try to fix everthing on their own. Typically, communities fall somewhere in between. In order to successfully cope with disasters, some skills are very valuable to nurture:

volunteering in disaster Volunteer Opportunities
If you are in the midst of the disaster, you can do a lot of good immediately. Depending on your neighborhood, the ability to work together with neighbors is good therapy to begin recovery. Consider these steps to take:

volunteer opportunity Global Volunteering
Many people feel a strong need to help others caught in a catastrophe, even strangers miles away. There are many ways to help remotely:

volunteer opportunities in america Volunteer Organizations
American Red Cross
Lutheran World Relief
Heifer International
Northwest Medical Teams
World Relief
Relief International
Lutheran Disaster Response
Salvation Army
List of Many Orgs

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