72 Hour Emergency Essentials Kit

Grab-n-Go Kit

If your emergency plan is to evacuate your home, you'll need a survival kit with essential gear and supplies to last at least 3 days (72 hours). The only thing you absolutely need in this emergency kit is drinking water since you can go without food for 3 days. But, the idea is to remain safe, healthy, and functioning for these three days, not just alive.

Spend some time putting together a 72 hour kit that is fairly easy to move and full of essentials to help your family survive. You can purchase a pre-made, convenient kit from dozens of different companies or use the list below to make one custom-fit for your family's needs.
Store your kit in a convenient place. Train all family members that it is only for emergencies and discuss with older children what it contains.
Put all kit items in airtight plastic bags. Replace water, batteries, food, medicine every six months - medicine sooner if necessary. Christmas and 4th of July are easy to remember dates. Also update outgrown clothes and other item needs at these times.

Items with a PP mean "Per Person"!

Grab and Go Kit

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